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The unique Haato experience seeks to enhance the enjoyment of all customers, young and old. It will attract those with a preference for some premium quality treat - be it an after-meal delight for themselves or a something to share with friends and family.

For sweet delights, enjoy an affogato or waffles with gelato. Haato's waffles are made using a special recipe and it is enticing with its rich fragrance, light flavour, crispy texture and golden color.

Incorporating only the finest, non-artificial and trans-fat free premium ingredients, Haato's cakes and pastries are all made with the customers' enjoyment in mind. In addition, only diary cream is used, ensuring the freshness and authenticity of our cakes.

Savour the cakes and pastries by itself or enjoy a heavenly combination of gelato and warm brownies or chocolate fudge cakes.

The coffee culture is widespread among office workers and shoppers in Singapore.

Haato serves freshly brewed coffee and latte for coffee lovers. Mothers can sip a cuppa whilst their children enjoy their gelato. Takeaway coffee is available for those on the go.

Enjoy a wholesome meal at Haato with our wide variety and selection to satisfy both Asian & Western palates.
A fusion of East meets West can be seen in our rendition of beef rendang flavoured baked rice or pizza. Also, special mentions to our very own haatolicious wings - deep fried till crisp, it's so good till we've coined it after ourselves!

No meals are fully complete without desserts and there are 4 different mud pies & plated desserts available to complement our premium haato gelato.