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March 2011 - Mangosteen Club

Established in 2006, Haato has since expanded from a gelato kiosk to dessert cafes, offering a wide range of gelato flavours, desserts and drinks. Our range of healthier gelato & sorbet are low in fat compared to ice cream, and made using only natural ingredients & pure fruits. These recipes enable our products to have our signature light, yet flavourful taste & texture. Besides gelato, Haato & Co. @ nex also offers an additional product line - Haatlets.



September 2010 - epicure

Haato's flagship outlet (formerly known as Gelato di Crema) at Liang Court has been serving gelato created from traditional Japanese recipes for over 16 years. The Black Sesame has a strong intense flavour, while the Sweet Potato with Honey & Chestnut is surprisingly comforting combination of sweet potato puree and globs of tender Japanese chestnus laced with a golden honey drizzle.

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 June 2010 - Shape Singapore

If, like us, you've always wished that your isotonic drink could be made into an icy treat, you'll enjoy this Japanese creation. The snowy sorbet is light and refreshing, with salty and sour hints - perfect after a long run on a sweltering day.

Isorbet is exclusively available at Liang Court for the month of June.



 2009 - Suntec City Mall Food Guide

This Japanese gelato outlet is known for churning out tasty and unusual flavours like Sweet Potato with Honey and Chestnut, Yuzu, Rockmelon, Mocca Coffee and Milk Tea. And even better, every scoop here is free from artificial colourings and preservatives. A must-try at the Suntec Outlet are Haatlets, gelato encased in snow skin and shaped like little hearts.



 July 2009 - Seventeen (Singapore)

You'll feel so healthy eating this light Japanese-style gelato that relies on fresh fruit and imported infredients for flavour, instead of lots of sugar.
Must-Try! The Durian, Red Bean and Green Tea. The green tea powder and red beans are from Japan. One-off flavours - such as Strawberry Champagne - are offered as monthly specials. Single Cone, $4, and double cone, $5.



 2009 - I-S Restaurant Guide 2009

Having been around 16 years, Haato is no stranger to the frozen dessert scene and continues to bring us their amazing, premium-grade gelato. It's best known for its distinctly light taste - a product of the traditional Japanese recipes it uses...



 Mar 19, 2009 - i-weekly Issue number 594

haato's watermelon sorbet is made locally using a traditional Japanese recipe. Refreshing and sweet, it's a pleasure to indulge in a whole tub by yourself!


   MOST OISHII JAPANESE by Florence Fong, Jamie Yap & Angeline Tse

 Mar 19, 2009 - 8 DAYS

This popular Japanese gelato chain was actually born in the 80s as Gelato di Crema, a Japanese-owned joint in Liang Court. It was only rebranded Haato, which is ¡°heart¡± in Japlish, when its Singaporean managing director Oliver Chan bought it over in 2005. To this day, he still uses the same recipes, and has expanded the business to four outlets...



 Jul 20, 2008 - The Sunday Times

Singaporeans are slurping Japanese ice cream as it is lighter and not so cloyingly sweet.

Haato¡¯s owner, Mr. Oliver Chan, 34, says the chain uses the recipe inherited from the former Japanese owner, who ran the flagship store in Liang Court in the 1980s.

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   GET FOOD, STAMPS HERE by Rebecca Lynne Tan

 June 29, 2008 - The Sunday Times

Lifestyle and food outlets are taking over Tanglin Post Office, leaving a smaller space for the post office.

...Haato's sales and marketing manager Rebecca Koh, 32, says: ¡°The timing was right as our lease in Wheelock Place had just ended. The area also matched our potential target market, which are executives.¡±

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Do you have any sweet childhood memories? The owner of Haato certainly has and saw a business opportunity in the ultra-light and refreshing gelato. The pastel colorings are derived from fresh fruits instead of artificial colorings. Here, it's all about quality products from gelato to food. With just the right crispiness on the outside and soft to the bite, the Japanese Gelato Waffle uses maple syrup for a more wholesome taste as compared to honey. You will also like the Unagi Pasta, an interesting mix of Italian and Japanese cooking style. The Affogato, an Italian dessert is a must-try. An enjoyable combination of aromatic espresso topped with the lip-smacking gelato. An absolute gem for just about anyone!

Not to be confused with the ice cream scoop shops at Wheelock and Liang Court, this comfy 25 seater cafe is quite literally ulu: it's hidden within a condominium in Ulu Pandan. The decor is minimalist sleek with blonde wooden floors, black walls and comfy sofas.

Most importantly, they make the most amazing waffles: thick, wonderfully crisped latticed circles dripping with melted butter and treacly maple syrup. Top with ice cream and a cup of very good, roasty coffee.There are even board games to help you fritter your (company) time.

Lychee Fabulous !

One would think that after 4 single cups of coconut and lime gelato from Swirl over 3 days, I would stay away from gelato till I hit the gym another 10 times. Yes, one would think. But yesterday, I was not thinking....

So I thought, ok, no harm just tasting.... cannot be good anyway. So I tried the green tea (do not feel like green tea today), the chocolate banana (not bad, interest level picking up), the lychee sorbet (BING! BING! BING! We have a winner !) I am a big fan of lychee and the way I rate sorbets is based on how accurate the described flavour is replicated in the sorbet form. And today, I was struck at how strong the lychee taste came across in the seemingly low key gelato. Taking a close look, I even saw strands of lychee fibre (the red color vein) that reminded me of the lychee fruit.

Throwing the diet and rubbish [hit the gym 10 times before I can have another gelato] into the wind, I ordered the lychee sorbet and chocolate banana and did not regret it....till today when I had to do 50 minutes of cardio to burn off the sugar.

The chocolate banana gelato was creamier than the usual gelato, but I quite liked the taste of the gelato to not mind the extra fat I as consuming. In fact, the chocolate banana gelato was wiped out before the lychee sorbet ( I had two flavours in a double cup).

So there, Haato....great job with lychee. I like-ee!

Occasionally, I get inspired by something (incongruous)or other, and launch myself headlong in a hunt for the best on our wee isle.

And Haato has won hands down twice - one for the best matcha gelato on this side of town, and again for the one-and-only black sesame gelato that reminds me of my ma's scrumplicious black sesame paste.

I'm a firm addict of Haato gelato - and this is coming from someone who has tried out just about every single ice-cream and gelato brand in Singapore. There's nothing that beats the brust of flavor in Haato's offerings. The gelato is creamy without being cloyingly milky, and isn't frightfully sweet like some ice-cream offerings tend to be here.

I love the black sesame gelato for its grainy bits, and the matcha one for its authentic fragrance and taste without sweetness overpowering the green tea. The sorbets are also delicate and incredibly fruity (my fave is the raspberry one), and I've tried other novel flavours like honey and clover (light and aromatic)and sweet potato and honey (you wouldnt have thought this would work well as a gelato flavour - but it so does).

My only gripe about Haato is that Haato @ Wheelock has counter staffs who vary in their service standards. I've met some cheery ones as well as some grouchy types. however, for a gelato stand, they do alright - as it is, I have to marvel at how the staff maintain their patience whilst some greedy-guts try just about all the flavours in the freezer...and then walk away without buying anything after 10 minutes of humming and hawing.

Must try: Affogato, $4.00. A shot of expresso is poured over a scoop of gelato. The sweet and bitter flavours keep customers coming back for more. The cafe also serves a variety of gelato flavours (left, $3.50 for single scoop and $4.50 for double), pastas and other dishes such as udon and pasta.

Tucked in a quaint corner right next to the Ridgewood Condominium, Haato newest outlet at Ridgewood Close exudes a welcoming charm. As the only outlet with both indoor and outdoor seating, it is also the only one that serves hot home-cooked Japanese food, on top of its signature gelato. Japanese expatriates living around the area have been known to drop in for a taste of home, at attractive prices. Haato, which is a take on how the Japanese would pronounce 'heart', will indeed make you fall in love.

The Vibe
The cafe is neat and minimalist in design. Customers can choose to sit in air-conditioned comfort on either large comfortable chairs or cozy sofas. The furniture lines the walls, leaving a clear path to the ice cream counter, where 24 different flavours of Japanese gelato greets and tempts you. The cafe overlooks a neighboring condominium swimming pool,and the swaying palms and sound of lapping water will soothe diners who choose to sit outside. The perfect place to laze away a sleepy Sunday afternoon!

The Food
Haato originated from gelato shop Gelato Di Crema at Liang Court, where it has served the dessert for more than 16 years. The cafe serves traditional favourites like Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Tiramisu among its wide range of flavours, as well as a host of others for the adventurous. For something closer to Japan, try the Green Tea with Red Bean as well as the Milk gelato. The Matcha used in the Green Tea with Red Bean gelato is imported from Japan and gives the ice cream the unmistakable bitter tinge that is characteristic of Japanese green Tea. The Japanese red bean's sweetness complements the Matcha perfectly and would definitely go down well with fans of Japanese food.

The Milk gelato is light and not too sweet, as with all of Haato's products. As the ice cream is made in-house, with fresh ingredients and a minimal amount of sugar, the taste of gelato is never overwhelming. Instead,it is pleasantly refreshing,leaving you craving for yet another spoonful. Haato has also made gelato to cater to the local palette. The Durian gelato, which is made from D24 durians, is a favourite among locals. Lovers of the spiky fruit would delight in the aroma and flavour, while enjoying the smooth texture of the gelato. Non durian-lovers might want to skip this, though, as the taste and the smell is very rich.

For something different, yet close to home, try the Milk Tea gelato, which tastes exactly like the 'Teh Tarik' found in local coffee shops. Tea addicts would like this very much on swelteringly warm days, instead of their usual hot cuppa.

The gelato also goes well with some Waffles ($4 for a plain waffle with butter and maple syrup and $2 for each additional scoop of ice cream). The Waffle mix is made in-house using an exclusive recipe. Toasted to perfection - crispy on the outside and warm and moist on the inside, it tastes heavenly even on its own.

Being the only outlet that serves hot food sets Haato at Ridgewood apart from its other outlets. Like its ice cream, the food here is made from fresh ingredients and the sauces are made in-house using an exclusive recipe.

The Unagi Don ($6.50) is great value for money. A generous slice of unagi (eel) engulfed in homemade sauce is served with warm Japanese rice and cucumber. Unlike a lot of Japanese food in the market today, the taste is light and subtle, very much like home-cooked. However, the rice was a little on the dry side.

The Service
The atmosphere here is very casual and the staff is friendly and helpful. Sampling is allowed, and even encouraged, so do not hesitate to ask for a taste before you decide what to order.

The SD Food Advisor's take on Haato
The range of gelato flavours here leave you spoilt for choice, and the food is definitely value for money. However due to its location, its necessary for those who do not know the area to be armed with a car and a map to go there.